Panic! At the Disco - Pray for the Wicked -Album Review

By Michael m on 5:31 PM 14 October 2018

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Pray for the Wicked is the sixth album by American rock band Panic! At the Disco.

Before i talk about this recording i want to mention that one of the possitive of the band is that they're trying to change their sound on each album and never stay the same.

I personally like the bands that they are trying to evolve their sound on each recording (although i have to admit that some bands without changing  their sound even a bit they manage to produce so good albums)

So let's go to this review now!
As i said above the sound is different than their previous recording.

Each one  of the songs on this recording would be as soundtrack on a broadway production. The whole album has a theatrical and old fashioned aura.

Although the music is ok ,the vocals same , the production and lyrics ok ,  after finishing this album i felt a bit strange. They could produce something better than this.

Pray for the Wicked is not a bad recording but when it comes to Panic! at the Disco i expected something better. Maybe you will enjoy it so give it a try. Some tracks are good but in general i think that is  a recording  that will be easily forgotten.

Top tracks : Say Amen (Saturday night) , The Overpass


Tracklist :

  • 1(Fuck a) Silver Lining2:48
  • 2Say Amen (Saturday Night)3:09
  • 3Hey Look Ma, I Made It2:50
  • 4High Hopes3:11
  • 5Roaring 20s3:07
  • 6Dancing's Not a Crime3:39
  • 7One of the Drunks3:19
  • 8The Overpass2:58
  • 9King of the Clouds2:41
  • 10Old Fashioned2:47
  • 11Dying in LA3:49

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