Interview With The Greek Artist Peter Rock

By Michael m on 6:00 PM 13 October 2018

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Hello people. We had the pleasure to speak with the new Greek artist Peter Rock and he told us some interesting things so… here they are!!!

-Hello Peter .It’s my pleasure talking with you . If I am right you are on your way to complete  your first record. Three songs are already complete and released. Would you like to talk  about your first album? What are we going to hear?

-Hello Michael, it’s a pleasure for me too. Actually I’m not so close yet, but I’m on the way! (Haha) You’re right though, I’m working on my first album. It’s kinda project for me and I’m working step by step, track by track. All this started out of nothing and turned out to be something like a goal for me.  It’s hard because I do all the production, recordings etc. but I’m so excited! You’re gonna hear the rock’n’roll that’s inside my heart! So simple!

- I find interesting the project of your first album. I mean that you find a different singer for each song of the album. We have seen it in the past by different artists (Slash, Gus G etc ) but I would like you to tell me what  gave you the idea for that.

-To be honest, this wasn’t my idea at all! When we were working on the first track “Hard Rock Ride” with my good friend Johnny Zagkotsis, he gave me the idea “Hey, why don’t you release it as a solo artist?” So the credits go to Johnny! Thanks my friend! Haha . So I said to myself to try it out! At this moment I wanted to thanks one by one Johnny Zagkotsis, Charikleia-Mari Amersa and Panos Kalifis aka Rimo for giving their voice’s and their hearts for the songs, for trusting me and I wanted to say that they all ROCK! Thanks guys! You’re all amazing!

-Recently if I am not mistaken you released your third song , Smile n Rock and also a videoclip for this . You have also made videoclips for the rest two songs you have released so far. How hard was creating those three videoclips?  Would you like to share with us any funny moments from the making of?

-Yes, my latest release it’s “Smile’n’Rock”, on vocals is the one and only Panos Kalifis aka Rimo and it’s a fun –rockin song! A trully uplifting song!

For the rest of the question  I can say that I feel blessed for this one! My good friend Antonis Kritsotelis who is a professional photographer, wanted to try out his luck on making a video clip! So we worked together first time on the “Hard Rock Ride” and that’s all! He is like a partner to me, not only a friend! We have good communication and he is very good at his job! So everytime we have a shooting, it’s fun for us! We have a great time!

-So when will we get to hear your complete album?

-I’m not sure if I can answer this question.. It’s hard for me to know when it’s gonna be ready. Time is what I need but I don’t have it,so maybe it’s gonna take a year or further.         I take it step by step. Right now I’m working on two brand new songs. These two are on the way right now for sure! I focus on these now.

-How hard is for a new artist to get known, and especially to live from music and not having a second job as we see many artists do?

-It’s very hard to get known.. but thanks to social media and YouTube everybody can be heard!  It’s a chance for new artists to show their work and it’s only up to you to do it! Personally I just want to have fun with what I’m doing.. that’s the most important I think!

- Any plans for the rest of the year?

Focus on new tracks, work on them , follow my plan,  practice, getting better and better. That’s all for now!

-Well thank you Peter about this interview and I wish you all  the best in music. May all your dreams come true!

-Thank you very much Michael, you are amazing and don’t forget to.. Smile’n’Rock! Wish you the best!

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