Interview With Serenity Broken's Guitarist Andreas Papadopoulos

By Michael m on 4:37 PM 21 August 2018

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Hello people. A few deays ago we had the opportunity to speak with Andreas Papadopoulos , guitarist on the Greek band “Serenity Broken” and we thank him for this interesting interview.

So here it is :

 -Hello Andreas and thank you for being positive on answering our questions. What are you doing on this time of year? Where do we find Andreas? 

Hi Michael and thank you for having me here, it’s always a pleasure talking with you! At the moment you can find me somewhere in Evoia for my summer holidays. It’s been a long year and finally I can have some time off from everything and enjoy the summer.

 -A year ago, at 27 May 2017 if I am not mistaken, Serenity Broken’s second album RE/define has been released. ( You can read this album's full review here )
At this time, after a year what are people’s thoughts about this album? How the audience reacted to this recording? 

Yes, it’s been over a year since RE/Define’s release and the response of the people was overwhelming! Besides the press, webzines, magazines and music reviewers everyone in our environment had something positive to mention, always something different whether it was about the songs structure, production or something that they came up with. We are truly grateful for all the positive feedback, that means the world to us!

 -Which is your favorite song of this album and which one of Serenity Broken’s both albums and why? 

Oh man, that’s damn hard, but I’ll try to deal with it! I would probably say “Faint Slit” from RE/Define and generally from both albums I’d pick, let’s say “Alone?” and try not to think twice!(laughs!) “Faint Slit” has something simple and straight forward thing that’s get me into it. It has the addictive opening melody and the hard palm muting parts at the verses and a strong chorus. A successful recipe if you ask me. At the other hand “Alone?” contains more elements and it elevates from time to time. From the massive intro part to a much more atmospheric verse, then back to the prechorus and to a great chorus and in the end a breakdown! Man, we did it all in this song! (laughs!) 

-I read somewhere that you have a new member on Serenity Broken. Would you like to talk to me about that? 

 Yes sir you are correct! We have a new drummer and his name is Thomas Halans! Thomas is a brilliant kick ass drummer that you will have to check him out in close to see what is all about! We are lucky to have a guy such talented in the band, he will sure raise the bar a lot! You can check out his Youtube channel! ( )

 -Last year, when we talked again ,you mentioned that one of your goal for the future is to promote your new material by making as many as possible gigs you can do in every possible place. So after a year is this goal fulfilled ? Are you satisfied with Redefine’s promotion? 

It’s kinda difficult to answer you that because that’s in my nature, I’m never satisfied when it comes to band goals and stuff like that. As an independent band with no record label behind us we tried every possible way to promote our band, the album and so on. Our abilities are limited due to the fact that we are not a label neither a professional agent or any other stuff like that but we still trying and fighting for it. Promo was ok but it could have been better. We keep on trying but our main goal is to create the music we love.

 -Your second album was released 5 years after your debut album. Any plans about a third album? Don’t tell me that you consider taking another so long break between your second and your third album!!! Redefine was a so good recording that I think earned you many new fans including myself. We demand an answer!! (haha I’m just joking !) 

Now that is a true demand!(laughs!). By now we have almost 8-9 songs partially structured and I’m pretty sure that it won’t take us so long for a new record. I can’t give you a prediction but it won’t be that long for sure! If we did make a living from music things would have been different but we keep on working on our primary jobs to fulfill the band’s goals.

 -What are your future plans about the rest of the year? 

At the moment we are working some of the new tunes and rehearsing for any upcoming shows that may occur. We are also making preparations for a new music video that will be soon available online.

Thank you Andreas for answering my questions and looking forward to hear more good stuff from Serenity Broken . Rock on! 

 It’s been a pleasure Michel, thank you for your support on Serenity Broken!

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