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By Michael M. on 4:53 PM 06 January 2018

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Happy new year people! Well as i do every year i introduce my top 3 albums of last year so.... here they are the 3 album i loved the most in 2017 :

Arch Enemy - Will Of Power

Although i did not really like Arch Enemy( After this album i think i will give them a second chance and  hear their older albums again) , their new album Will Of Power just..impressed me!!

Their tenth album and the second one with Alissa White -Gluz as their singer and on this one i must admit that she is just marvelous. She even wrote the lyrics on some of album's songs (please let her do it again) and the result is beyond good. Great music , lyrics and a album that is a must hear. Repeat , repeat, repeat!!

If you haven't hear it yet then well....what are you waiting for?

Top tracks : The Eagle Flies Alone , Reason To Believe

Eluveitie - Evocation II -Pantheon

A different recording than Eluveitie's usual style and on the same path that their album Evocation I that they released many years before (Back in 2009) .  They sing in celtic language and this recording is inspired by  the Norse mythology. Not exactly a metal album but a more folk one i would say. So why is my second favorite album of 2017?

Cause Eluveitie know how to write good songs ,cause they know how to make you wanna get lost on their rythm, cause they write songs that you are gonna love and dance with them. If you want to spent your evening hearing to a different album , if you want to dance on folk rythms ,if you want to hear something real interesting and good then this album is for you!!

Top tracks : Epona, Lvgvs, Catvrix

Dropkick Murphys - 11 Short Stories Of Blood & Glory

And the winner is... oh ok you already read it above ....


And the winner is Dropckick Murphys!!

The album i enjoyed the most during 2017 is their ninth studio album 11 Short Stories Od Blood & Glory.

This is a fantastic album. (you can read my full review here:   http://metalhall.blogspot.gr/2017/01/dropkick-murphys-11-short-stories-of.html )

38:51 minutes of pure madness and punk. One of the band's best album(if not the best). 11 diamonds! 11 songs to make you...well somethimes is hard to express with words the feelings that you have after hearing a great song so imagine after hearing 11!!!

Although this album was released on January i coundn't find another recording during 2017 that was better that this!!  I like Dropkick Murphys' style i like their music and i loved this one.

Do yourselves a favor. After reading this go and hear this album and you will not regret it!! And maybe after hearing to this you will be just  like me... speechless, amazed and you will find hard to express with words how greeat album is !!!

"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when 
We all had a good time and we're sad to see it end 
Good luck be with you, you go your way, I'll go mine 
So until the next time it's farewell and not goodbye "

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