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By Michael M. on 2:13 PM 28 August 2017

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A new recording from "The Cranberries" !! I love this band and i was so happy whan i heard about this release.

-Actually is a cd containing some of the band's known songs in an alternative version(acoustic) , some people would say.

Yes this is true but we have also three new songs in this cd. And if they are good i think everyone will be satisfied. Are they? Let's find out!

As a previously mentioned in this cd we find 10 classic Cranberries' hits in an acoustic version ( i loved them once again. So many good memories, so many happy thoughts. ) and 3 new songs. 

So let's find out if the new are good :

-The Glory

Reminded me of the old Cranberries days. The music is good and the lyrics are typical Dolores' lyrics we all know and love ( and not those i read on Roses album and i was like "wtf she just said in the song???")



Another good song. I loved the piano in this. The weakest among the 3 new songs but still a good song. Close your eyes and enjoy it.



In one word? A masterpiece! 

The best of the 3 new and i think that fits on the Cranberries' old great days just fine. 

Is like you hear a song for the past. Nostalgic, beautiful, perfect!

It makes you say "if you still can write songs like this then i want to hear full length Cranberries album and i want it now! "
That music, the lyrics, Dolores' angelic voice....If you haven't hear to it yet whqat are you waiting for!!! Go Go GO!!!

It was the albums' single promotion and i could not find a better song to choose for promotion. 

The music is great,the lyrics... It became one of my Cranberries' best songs ever! 


In conclusion : 

Nostalgia. After hearing to this album your mind flies to the past... to the good Cranberries moments...

A good recording and the 3 new songs are so good that you want more and more. 

After their album Roses(2012) i was dissapointed (only 4 songs out of 11 were good) but now? 

Now i'm so happy and i hope that The Cranberries will consider to record a new album!!


1. Linger 
2. The Glory
3. Dreams
4. When you're gone
5. Zombie
6. RIdiculous Thoughts
7. Rupture
8. Ode To My Family
9. Free To decide
10. Just My Imagination
11. Animal Instict
12. You & Me
13. Why

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