Dropkick Murphys- 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory -Album Review

By Michael M. on 2:05 PM 15 January 2017

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"-Will i hear a Rose Tattoo in this album?"
"-No but..."
"-Will i hear a Rose Tattoo in th...?"
"-Oh stop talking and hear what i have to say about Dropckick Murphys's new album! "

11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory is the ninth studio album by American band Dropkick Murphys. 11 songs(ok ok i know that you figured that out by this album's title!!) and 38:51 minutes of pure madness and punk!

 If you expect to hear another "Rose Tattoo" (this awesome song they released back at 2013) you will not hear but in this album you will find 11 great songs.

The album begins with the song "The Lonesome Boatman" which is a good intro for an album and i have the feeling that will open the following Dropckick Murphys' gigs!

For all the people that expect to hear a powerfull song such as Rose Tattoo" there is one in this album!

4-15-13 : A so powerfull and moving song (also is album's best song). The song is about the Boston Marathon bombing. This explosion killed 3 civilians and injured an estimated 264 others and Dropkick Murphys wrote a song about it! Well done lads!

A pleasant surprise is a cover song on Liverpool's song(You'll Never Walk Alone)!!!

The album closes with the song "Until the Next Time" and leaves us with a smile on our faces and a great album that we just have heard!

Until the Next Time guys ,until the next time we will hear your songs and dance on your melodies.

"We'll meet again 
Don't know where, don't know when 
We all had a good time 
And we're sad to see it end"

Tracklist :
1."The Lonesome Boatman"
2."Rebels with a Cause"
3. "Blood"
4. "Sandlot"
5. "First Class Loser"
6. "Paying My Way"
7. "I Had a Hat"
8. "Kicked to the Curb"
9. "You'll Never Walk Alone"
10. "4-15-13"
11. "Until the Next Time"


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