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By Michael M. on 9:21 AM 21 September 2016

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New material from Ghost !! I can't be more happy.

The truth is that after their stunning third album Μeliora(2015) my expectations for something good in the future by Ghost were high .

They did not disappoint me!!

Popestar is the second EP from Swedish band Ghost.

The record was produced by Tom Dalgety.

In this Ep we find one new song ( "Square Hammer" ) and four cover songs.

"Square Hammer" : A great song by Ghost. Before i listen to other four thacks on this Ep this song was on repeat for a long time!!! Nothing more ,nothing less to say !!

Cover songs : 

First up is "Nocturnal Me", an old Echo & the Bunnymen cut from their Ocean Rain album. Good job on that.

Next up is a surprise. "I Believe" from Simian Mobile Disco's 2007 album, "Attack Decay Sustain Release".

Not a song that usually a group would choose to cover but i like the way Ghost perform it.

No guitars on this one but only a light synth chorus and brushed drums.

"Missionary Man" : A song by Eurythmics back in 1986.

I really enjoyed the heavier version by Ghost.

"Well I was born an original sinner. I was born from original sin. And if I had a dollar bill For all the things I've done..."

Finally is "Bible" by Swedish band Imperiet. The song was released also in 1986.

I found Ghost's performance better than the original. That says it all.

In Conclusion : 

It's a great release that everyone must have heard. I'm looking forward  for Ghost's next step.

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