Izegrim's New Official Video Clip

By Michael M. on 1:39 AM 02 June 2016

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Izegrim is a Dutch female-fronted thrash metal band, with death metal influences, from Zutphen, the Netherlands. Their fifth studio album "The Ferryman's End", released on 25 march, 2016 through Listenable Records.

Time To Run is their new official videoclip.

Izegrim's Marloes comments on the new video for 'Time to Run': "The video represents a stunning and powerful hell-ride into the gruesome depths of my freaky mind. During this particular song, I step into the shoes of a deranged murderer who is ready to shoot and kill without any particular reason. It doesn't even matter whether or not the victim is a homeless person or has a young family. Their happy faces are just pictures on the wall to me. Even at the end of the video, their last moments of peace are brutally disturbed"

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