CONCLAVE's Debut Album Sins Of The Elders Has Been Released-Live Dates Confirmed

By Michael M. on 8:41 AM 23 June 2016

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Sins Of The Eldersis the debut full-length from New England-based doom collective, CONCLAVE. Captured at Raven's Head Studio in Allston, Massachusetts with Eric Braunschweiger at the recording helm.

Comments drummer Dan Blomquist: "We're extremely excited about Sins Of The Elders as this album represents CONCLAVE's writing style and direction for the future more so than our previous EP, Breaking Ground

The only remaining semblance to the days of Warhorse on this album is the track 'Cold Comfort,' which was loosely outlined by [bassist/vocalist] Jerry [Orne] and [guitarist] Terry [Savastano] before Warhorse disbanded. 

The material on this album has contributions from all of us and is just a glimpse of things to come as we continue to grow and foster new songs together. 

We never dismiss anyone's ideas and don't cater to any one style or genre of metal which I think is evident on this album. 

Our writing tends to be deeper than it may appear on the surface as people will find when they listen to the album in its entirety and take time to digest the lyrical content."


2.Funeral Fyre
3.Black Lines
4.Cut It Off
7.Cold Comfort
8.Sins Of The Elders

Conclave are :

Jerry Orne:Bass/Vocals
Jeremy Kibort:Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Terry Savastano: Rhythm & Lead Gutiars
 Dan Blomquist: Drums

CONCLAVE Tour Dates: 

6/30/2016 Ralph's Rock Diner - Worcester, MA * Record Release Show
7/22/2016 Deathkiss Radio Show @ WEMF Radio - Cambridge, MA
7/23/2016 O'Brien's: Grub, Sweat & Beers - Cambridge, MA
 8/27/2016 RPM Fest - Greenfield, MA
10/22/2016 The Depot: Lost Apparitions Records Showcase - Baltimore, MD
11/11/2016 The Fire - Philadelphia, PA
11/12/2016 Guido's Speakeasy - Frederick, MD

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