Myrath - Legacy -Track by track Review

By Michael M. on 12:16 AM 17 April 2016

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Do you like oriental music?
Do you like metal music?
Mixing metal music together with oriental ?
This interesting mix, the band from Tunisia knows how to do it too well and we love it!

Third MYRATH album "Tales Of the Sands" was released in late 2011, dubbing their new sound as “Oriental Metal” and this year, 2016, five years after we have their new fourth album, this masterpiece called "Legacy" .

12 musical diamonds to make a set that will not leave any unsatisfied. Βut let's take it from the beginning...

 1. Jasmin : The album starts ideal with Myrath demostrating their synthetic skill in an oriental composition in this instrumental song.

2. Believer : This album's Myrath's first official videoclip from this recording (a must see...). From the first momment you hear it, you get lost in its' melodies and before you hear the next song of the album you listen to it again and again. Long time to hear such a great song. 

3.Get Your Freedom Back : Is the song with one of the best guitar solos on the album...another catchy tune that grips your mind in a snap.

4. Nobody's leaves : And the journey continues ideally ... More intense the oriental element here but giving it something magical ....

5. The Needle : One of the songs with heaviest introduction with harmonious riffs that make you pick your air guitar and sing along.

6. Through your Eyes : "Weird how life goes, Knocking your dreams away to straw" , "Shall walk the earth and see /Through your eyes /There will be times you know/ When I will feel so low /I'll watch the stars/ And you'll be there I know" ...
Magic lyrics ... perhaps the best lyrics in this album.

7.The Unburnt : Indicates the beginning of second half and the music takes a next step with the melodies as Zaher Zorgati’s vocals solidify and he holds a good grip over his voice.

8. I Want to Die : One of the best metal ballad that i heard in a long time... close your eyes and just enjoy!!!

9. Duat : Keep your eyes closed because another one ballad undertakes to relax you in the magical world of Myrath.

10.Endure The Silence : Another one ballad( ok is almost a ballad i must admit !!! ) but you will worship this special mellody....

11. Storm Of Lies : As we approach the close of the album , the rhythms strengthen again and we hear the loud guitar riffs once again...I'm starting to think "oh no...this masterpiece is near to end".

12. Other side : The perfect epilogue to a wonderful journey into the world of Myrath ... when i listen to it i am getting sad because i realize that the album has reached to its end but suddenly i smile again because there is the repeat button!! ...

yeah baby!!!

Myrath continue their "legacy" with their fourth recording and offer us a masterpiece ... Surely one of the most interesting releases of 2016 and something that will hardly be forgotten....

Wonderful melodies and lyrics ... Manage to speak to our soul and make us to travel into to theιr world and do not want to leave. ...
Once you are done listening to the album all you want is to hear it again and relive this unique music experience. ... Well done Myrath.. The future belongs to you!!


Myrath are : 

Malek Ben Arbia – guitar
Elyes Bouchoucha – keyboards, backing vocals
Anis Jouini – bass
Zaher Zorgati – lead vocals
Morgan Berthet – drums

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