AC/DC's former singler Brian Johnson breaks his silence

By Michael M. on 2:44 PM 25 April 2016

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Brian Johnson broke his silence in regard to his withdrawal from AC/DC after 36 years. He had no choice but to stop the tour and probably he will not be able to sing again in a large event, as he said.

"The day I received the diagnosis , was the darkest of my career" , he said.

" I'm not a guy who gives up, but the doctors were clear. I had no choice . As you already know, the remaining concerts of AC/DC programmed again with a guest singer. 

 I want to say to our fans exactly how things stand: On March 7, doctors advised me to stop beeing on stage, and risk total hearing loss. 
Although terrified, I realized for some time that the problem complicate my presence as a singer. 

Then I heard the guitars and the musicians and I was afraid that my performance will worsen. 

My conscience does not allow this. The fans deserve a high level of performance and if, for whatever reason, I can not reach, I will not disappoint them or disgrace my colleagues. 
I am devastated . 

As a member of AC / DC for 36 years , it was the best of what I have achieved in my life . I can not imagine how it will go now, but I have no choice . I will be with them at every concert with my thought and spirit .

I feel terrible for those who bought their tickets , but I thank them for all these years . Words can not describe the emotion and gratitude, not only for support to what happened , but also for their commitment to AC / DC.

Thanks go to Angus and Cliff too for their support. 

In conclusion , I want to make sure that won't retire. I still can record and I intend to continue . I remain optimistic and I focus on my health so I can come back on concerts, but not in large venues. Only time will tell..." , Love Brian

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