Rob Halfort : I Would Like To Sing With Lady Gaga

By Michael M. on 12:42 PM 19 November 2015

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"Well , I think if one can be receptive to all the different styles and genres, only great things can happen. And i watch her from day on . So when she finally became a huge, gigantic world star, I was very happy about her success and she's worth it. She is a demon with respect to job, never stops working. She is a very prolific artist in all kinds of music.", said Rob Halford in a recent interview about the possibility to sing a song with Lady Gaga.

"I attended a concert of her two years ago, or three in San Diego and she is a metalhead. This is the most important part of this debate. She is a metalhead. The other day she was wearing a T-shirt Judas Priest "Ram It Down" in New York. We met and we talked for a while. But if there is a chance to work together on a piece or somethin , I liked very much the idea. Why partnerships can be very exciting and spontaneous." , he added.

In one of the performances of Judas Priest in London for the tour "Epitaph", Lady Gaga intended to appear as a special guest. She phoned and asked if he can ride his bike.

"I was somewhat: Oh, my God, great idea. Let's let this happen !" , said Halford.

But ultimately this never happened due to work commitments of Gaga in Nebraska.

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