The Cause Of The Cancellation Of Mastodon's Concerts

By Michael M. on 10:33 PM 14 October 2015

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Mastodon had canceled their concerts for the period from August 7 until September 3. The American metal band had talks about health issues and now their singer Troy Sanders gives the details.

" Although I'm not the guy who shared intimate moments, this is important and worth to share with you. My wife, Jeza, was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. The good thing is that we realized it early, and already the prognosis is very good. Please encourage your female to be considered today, you can save and your own lives. ", he said.

The 41 year old Troy has two children with Jeza, the family of which have a history of cancer and for this reason, as she wrote in facebook, has systematically examined the last decade.

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