Lemmy is back!! Motörhead - Bad Magic - Review

By Michael M. on 12:29 AM 13 September 2015

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Bad Magic is the 22nd studio album by British heavy metal band Motörhead.

A good album. It may not be as good as the oldest of the band but

is a release that shows that motorhead can still create good music.

The album consists of 13 rock 'n' roll songs from the very first song "Victory Or Die"  Motorhead invite you to get lost in their frantic melodies.

I always liked Lemmy's hoarse voice and in this recording shows that despite his age is as good as it was.

Very good music and the songs are small in duration as small bomb waiting to explode in your ears.

The album closes with a surprise cover version of a Rolling Stones' song ( Sympathy for the Devil ) and is simply stunning so the music bombing of the British band topped with the best way .

You can you say that "again some motorhead album , we will hear again the same " but I recommend it if you want to have fun for 40 minutes in  the unique way of Μotorhead.

Top tracks : Victory or Die , Elecricity, Teach Them How To Bleed


Tracklist : 

1."Victory or Die"
2."Thunder & Lightning"
3."Fire Storm Hotel"
4."Shoot Out All of Your Lights"
5."The Devil"
7."Evil Eye"
8."Teach Them How to Bleed"
9."Till the End"
10."Tell Me Who to Kill"
11."Choking on Your Screams"
12."When the Sky Comes Looking for You"
13."Sympathy for the Devil" (The Rolling Stones cover)

Motorhead are : 

"Lemmy" Kilmister – bass, vocals
Philip Campbell – guitar, piano on "Sympathy for the Devil
" Mikkey Dee – drums

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