Iron Maiden's New Album. "The Book Of Souls" - Bruce Dickinson Talks About A Lot

By Michael m on 11:15 PM 04 September 2015

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The Book of Souls is the sixteenth studio album by British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 September 2015.

It is the band's first studio double album, and therefore also their longest to date, with a total length of 92 minutes. It also marks the longest gap between studio releases in the group's career at five years, following 2010's The Final Frontier.

The album's launch and its supporting tour were delayed to allow vocalist Bruce Dickinson time to recover from treatment which he received in early 2015 to remove a cancerous tumour.

The album was produced by long-time Iron Maiden collaborator Kevin Shirley and recorded at Guillaume Tell Studios.


Disc 1
1."If Eternity Should Fail"
2."Speed of Light"
3."The Great Unknown"
4."The Red and the Black"
5."When the River Runs Deep"
6."The Book of Souls"

Disc two
1."Death or Glory"
2."Shadows of the Valley"
3."Tears of a Clown"
4."The Man of Sorrows"
5."Empire of the Clouds"

With the release of the new album of Iron Maiden, 'The Book of Souls', on September 4 , Bruce found in many interviews as expected.

"Yes they rob us. But it is one of the cases " cliff front and rear stream ". We live in a time where the world loves music. So what to do? To tell them all these people criminals because they love music? This is not understood by many companies, that people do not try to harm us, just love music." ,

responded Dickinson in a question about how services as Spotify affect the band and if he feels that they rob them.

"My two boys do what they want and have signed in companies now going through the whole process of the music industry. Many times they tell me to look at their contracts. I tell them often that i do not even know what it is that I look, but I throw a glance. Let's say some contracts say we will give you so much money initially and after getting rates of everything, right down to the T-shirts that can sell. The money of course is a 20% of the money you 'd have 15 years ago, there not many nowdays.", said Bruce about his kids that are in the music industry.

In a question about how his name affects his kids' music career, Bruce Dickinson said :

"Austin is in a band called Rise to Remain, which signed with EMI. Like all bands tried to start something new. But they had to face many haters and many trolls. All told , for example, "did this appearance because it can not sing and not as good as his father " It is hard because of his young age but he overcame this and i am very pleased with him."

Austin Dickinson is currently in As Lions and has signed with Eleven Seven Records. His other son ,Griffin, is the Shvpes and has signed with Spinefarm Records.

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Best heavy metal album i have heard in a long time.

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