Bruce Dickinson Talks About Iron Maiden's New Album And His Personal

By Michael M. on 7:05 PM 03 September 2015

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On Wednesday, August 26 , held an event which was attended by 150 fans of Iron Maiden in Cardiff, Wales and had the opportunity to hear the new album of the band , 'The Book Of Souls' ( official release September 4 ) in Guillaume Tell Studios.

"Thanks to radiation , chemical , to the excellent doctors and the support of the whole world , the tumor disappeared . I asked where he went and the doctor looked at me and said "I just got rid of the body " , which means , what to say, they have no idea!", said Dickinson.

"I really hope that "Book Of Souls" will not be our last album. I liked too the process of creating! I will enjoy the same and our next tour for many reasons. I like that this time I speak with you and that I go here and there, flying with airplanes. And the next stop will be on tour and singing !", Bruce responsed to a question about Iron Maiden's new album be the band's last.

Iron Maiden announced that the forthcoming tour will not begin before 2016 because, as claimed by Steve Harris, consider every show unique and " sacred " , and want to allow  Bruce Dickinson to fully recover before starting something.

Iron Maiden's new album is about to be released on September 4, 2015.

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