Slipknot Want To Create Their Own "The Wall"

By Michael M. on 9:19 AM 11 August 2015

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In a recent interview Slipknot's singer Corey Taylor talked about his dream about the band. He wants Slipknot to creat a concept album like Pink Floyd did in the past.

"I, Crahan and Jim discuss the future of the band. And the idea we had was to think of a concept album, and then create a soundtrack for it. 

But after I thought about it and told them to go even farther Let's do as the Prince with 'Purple Rain' or Pink Floyd with 'The Wall', let's make a movie, not only album , let's do it all. And actually they agreed. 

Of course, this will take some years to approach it." , Taylor said.

See the interview in the video below :

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