Jaded Star - Memories From The Future (2015) - Review

By Michael M. on 2:00 PM 28 August 2015

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Jaded star are a new Greek metal band by the singer Maxi Nil(ex- VIsion Of Atlantis) with the cooperation of Raphael Saini(ex-Iced Earth) and the result is simply amazing.

"Memories From The Future" is Jaded Star's debut album which is fantastic.

10 songs that will leave you satisfied and with the button repeat pressed so you can enjoy this recording again and again.

The incredible melodies and very good lyrics combined with the wonderful voice of Maxi Nil (In "Memories From The Future"  she sings better than you ever heard her perform) is something that make this album a must hear.

Producer on this album was Maxi Nil and the mixing-mastering is by Fredrik Nordstrom
in Fredman Studios(Sweeden).

Looking forward to hear more of them in the future.

Top tracks : "Stars", "Raining in Sao Paolo", "Wake Up", "Keep on Fighting"


Tracklist :

1.The Mask
2.Wake Up
3.Keep on Fighting
5.Into the End of Time
6.Healing the Inner Child
7.You'll See
8.In Memory
9.Raining in Sao Paolo

Jaded Star are :

Babis Nikou - Bass
Raphael Saini - Drums
Kosta Vretos - Guitars
Maxi Nil - Vocals

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