Rainbow Reunion?

By Michael M. on 10:31 AM 10 July 2015

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Singer Joe Lynn Turner in an interview had said that he was talking with Ritchie Blackmore about a Rainbow reunion.

He said that "Ritchie wants to play again rock so bad so a Rainbow reunion would be possible"

A few months later Ritchie Blackmore responded to Turner's statement.

"There is truth in these statements but a tangle and some uncertainty. I think to play again rock, just for a few days next June ( 2016). Some songs of Deep Purple and Rainbow, but for now I have not come to people with whom I would like to work.", he said in a recent interview.

He talked also about Turner saying that he doesn't think that will be with him in this possible reunion.

"I think that Joe will not be part of this adventure and he doesn't even know it. He does what he does. I like his work and we have writen good songs and albums together. But I do a mixture of the band with famous and non- famous artists involved.", are Blackmore's exact words.

As for the exact time that this reunion will take place he responded saying that : "I will know in a month what I want in the band. I have a good idea about the ideal candidates, but it wouldn't be fair to say something in the present moment. I have in plans three or four show in June. Only this."

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