Nightwish And Greece- More Details

By Michael M. on 2:06 PM 15 July 2015

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As all know several days ago Nightwish's U.S.A. tour  manager John Finberg wrote on his facebook page some thoughts about Greece and attacked Greek people.

Greek fans attacked the band by posting many posts to complain on the band's facebook cause they felt offended by Finberg's words.

Nightwish wrote that Finberg's thoughts are not the same as the band's.

Finberg erased his post and apologized by saying that those words were about Greek politicians and no Greek citizens but nobody believed him and the posts from angry Greek fans continued.

"Not in any formal announcement and none of the official members of the band did not write anything about our country and the events that happen here! These comments came from Facebook the man who closes the tour, not only of Nightwish in America, but also from other bands of space like Sabaton, Kamelot etc. He even shortly after he and 2nd post repentant and apologizing! Consequently, the band and their management have nothing whatsoever to do with these so-called! Also, there was never a planned event! " , Nightwish's Greek fan club posted.

After all these posts the band posted again by saying that :
"For anyone interested, either now or in the future: In the light points to the recent misunderstanding from the comment of a man outside the complex in social media we can say the following. The thoughts and opinions of Nightwish represented by the members of Nightwish. And now stop the nonsense, turn off the computer and go get some fresh air "

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