Debut Album For Mike Portnoy's Son's Band

By Michael M. on 8:16 PM 08 April 2015

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Like his father Mike Portnoy, co-founder of Dream Theater and ex-member, his son Max plays drums and founded a band.

Max Portnoy's band is called Next To None and is going to release their debut album this summer.The debut album will be called A Light In The Dark.

Producer in this album is,who else, his father Mike Portnoy who in a recent interview stated that he supports his son's work and all the music and lyrics were written by four teenagers.

Guest stars in this album will be Guns N' Roses guitarist Bumblefoot and singer Neal Morse.

Next to none have already release an EP, participated on Progressive Nation At Sea 2014 and this April and May support Haken on their tour.

"A Light In The Dark" tracklist:
1. The Edge Of Sanity
2. You Are Not Me
3. Runaway
4. A Lonely Walk
5. Control
6. Lost
7. Social Anxiety
8. Legacy
9. Blood On My Hands

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