Coffee With Judas Priest

By Michael M. on 7:22 PM 01 April 2015

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A coffee company found a new way to make money.

Specifically,  the firm named "Dark Matter Coffee", together with Judas Priest, in order to celebrate the 35 years since the release of the band's album 'British steel' released through the official site of their three shops in Chicago, a coffee called "British Steel".

Each pack will be accompanied by a cassette with the songs "Grinder" ( from "British Steel") and "Snakebite" (bonus track from the "Redeemer of Souls").

But it seems that coffee is somewhat expensive these days since each package will cost 18 USD!

In their site it is mentioned that the "British Still" has been sold out although an official release from Dark Matter states that this was a mistake and you can order it as usual.

Have fun to whoever want to pay a lot of dollars to enjoy a coffee accompanied by the sounds of Judas priest.

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So... you need 18 USD and a cassette player (if anyone still owns any of those!) to enjoy a coffee...Great deal!

Posted on 1/4/15 21:07  

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