BEGGARS - Devil's Highway - Review (2015)

By Michael M. on 7:40 PM 03 April 2015

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BEGGARS (a.k.a. Beggar’s Blues Diary) is a rock trio from Athens – Greece.

The band was formed in 2009 by founding members Yannis Passas (vox-guitars) and Chili (bass). By the end of 2010 Angelos Tanis (drums) came into the equation to complete the band’s line up.

The band has shared the stage with acts as: THIN LIZZY, ERIC BURDON, THE GODFATHERS and has appeared in noumerous TV SHOWS while presenting a very strong airplay in Greece 2015 find the band releasing their fourth album “Devil’s Highway”.

Two days ago (1/3/2015) they released their new album "Devil's Highway" with the Greek Metal Hammer (April issue).

This is the fourth album of their career following the great desperate rock n 'roll (2014) with which they show us that remain on an upward trajectory .

With harder sound on this album come to show us how you do it right playing rock n roll. The album consists of eight great songs and hardly distinguish one as better. Starting with "I do not know" a three-minute storm and closes gently ideal to "Mother earth".

BEGGARS' best album and you should definitely hear it! It's all about Rock 'n Roll.

Rating: 82/100

Devil’s Highway:
1. I Don’t Know
2. Devil’s Highway
3. At The Disco
4. Rita
5. Bring Me Down
6. Modern Baby
7. The Lightning
8. Mother Earth

The Band:

Yannis Passas: Vox/Guitars
Chili: Bass
Angelos Tanis: Drums

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