System of a Down Working on New Material

By Michael M. on 3:51 PM 28 March 2015

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Have you been waiting for years to hear new material by this crazy band called "System of a Down"? Well you must be happy!

In a recent interview band's bassist Shavo Odadjian was asked if there is any chance for System of a Down to release new material in 2015.

"Yeah, there's a very good chance. I don't have a date. We've already gone. We've written some songs. We're keeping it to ourselves. We're getting back to the bullshit of being together", was his response.

This statement has done many fans happy and excited to hear something new by their favorite group.

The band have a string of tour dates lined up for the spring so we just wait to see them on stage to see if they can still perform so great as they used to do. We are sure that all are looking forward to hear some new material after all those years "on ice".

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