Michael's Top 3 Songs For 2014

By Michael M. on 6:04 PM 30 December 2014

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! These are my top 3 songs of 2014. Many good songs have been released during this year and after many listening sessions here is my top 3:

1. AC/DC - Rock the house

Australia is here to rock the planet!!! This December came out a release that totally blew out our minds. We are talking about new AC/DC 's masterpiece "Rock or burst". And the song " rock the house" is the best song of this album. Great rhythms, guitars are just amazing here..... AC/DC keep on rocking guys!!!

2. Within temptation - Paradise(What about us) feat. Tarja Turunen

Dutch symphonic metal group did it again. The album "Hydra" was a huge success and this duet with Tarja was the best track of this recording and we just keep up singing this again and again and again....

3. Edguy -Rock me Amadeus(Falco cover)

Tobias Sammet's Edguy released this year a great album( Space police : Defenders of the crown) . Great songs but one of them was...just great! We are talking about "Rock me Amadeus" a song by Falco. Great cover by Edguy. Just hear it and you'll release why is this song on our 3rd place for 2014.

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