TOP 5 Rock Songs That Should Be Banned

By Elric on 7:13 PM 10 April 2010

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There are some songs that when we were young we listened to them and we really like them. But what happens when you listen to these same songs constantly for the last 15 years all the time and often not by your choice? There are some song that there are there when you open the radio. There jump off  your radio when you start the car or you hear from a distant source when you walk. Here is the list of the TOP 5 songs that should be banned.

5. Guns N Rose - Sweet Child O Mine

Guns 'N' Roses is one of the bands that I really enjoy. But for some strange reason radio stations play only one particular song: Sweet Child O Mine. Then only exception is when the play a cover of this song! When you listen to Sweet Child O Mine from the speakers of the Super Market you know that something is going wrong.

4. Rory Gallaher - Moonchild

The fact that this song is incredible is well known! But the fact that only this song gets airplay, when Gallaher write lots of great songs, puts it on the list.

3. Placebo - Every Me and Every You

Placebo is one of the few bands that really annoys me. Especially this song. And it’s even more annoying because I know that I will listen to it almost every night at any bar.

2. Rammstein - Du Hast

I never understood why people like this song. Generally, I never understood why people like Rammstein at all, especially women. The song is incredibly monotonous and dull, but I listen to it almost every day even if I don’t want to.

1. Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name Of

Almost everyone that listens to rock music had sang "Fuck you! I won't do what you tell me!" at least once in his lifetime. Almost everyone turn the volume to the maximum while listening to “Killing In The Name Of” and felt nonconformist! Yet when the radio plays the song three times a day, when you listen to it 2-3 times in a bar and when you listen to it a couple of times randomly while you are walking on the street then you get sick of it. I think that the only place that I haven’t heard it yet is the elevator.

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