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By Elric on 5:12 PM 28 March 2010

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Stockholm's blackened death metal warriors Necrophobic have just launched a brand new video for the song “Revelation 666”, taken from their latest masterpiece Death To All! Check out the video below.

Necrophobic are one of very few bands left from the early Swedish black/death metal underground scene that is still going strong. Sharing members of Nifelheim, Trident and more the band are considered a cult act from the old days, yet also remain a potent source for inspiration for today's scene. "Revelation 666" - the track this brutal new video accompanies - was described by Outburn Magazine as " awesome flurry of charred, angel stabbing thrash/death with a manic chorus and an epic outro".

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I think every kind of music has a different perspective and background, if you don't know that background of black and death metal then probably you will dismiss it. But I invite you to take away every prejudice and sit an entire hour listening Death's "Scream bloody gore" album.... It's a masterpiece, dear if69

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This is interesting music!

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