Obituary DVD: Live Xecution

By Elric on 10:23 AM 26 December 2009

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Obituary -- vocalist John Tardy, drummer brother Donald Tardy, guitarists Trevor Peres and Ralph Santolla and bassist Frank Watkins -- will release a live DVD . Recorded live last year at the renown German open air fest, the DVD includes their full 15-song set + bonus footage. Said Frank Watkins of the show, “We did over 30 festivals last summer and the Party San Festival in Bad Barka, Germany was the very last and best one for Obituary. Fortunately the show was was like a Live Xecution!"

01. "Find the Arise"
02. "On the Floor"
03. "Chooped in Half"
04. "Turned Inside Out"
05. "Forces Realign"
06. "Insane"
07. "Face Your God"
08. "Dethroned Emperor"
09. "Evil Ways"
10. "Drop Dead"
11. "Contrast the Dead"
12. "Second Chance"
13. "Stand Alone"
14. "Slow Death"
15. "Slowly We Rot"
+ bonus features

Live Xecution - Party.San 2008 DVD will be released in the US January 2010 via Regain Records. 

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