Karnivool - Set Fire to The Hive - Video

By Elric on 10:32 AM 07 November 2009

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It nice to wake up in the morning and discover a new band that you really like. So, that's what happened today with Karnivool. Also, it seems that the only quality rock bands come from Australia these days! They just filmed their new video Set Fire to The Hive from the upcoming album Sound Awake, out February 16, 2010 via SIN/SonyMusic Independent Network.

“Set Fire To The Hive,” with its distorted vocals, up-tempo vibe, raw prog-punk feel and vocalist Ian Kenny’s venomous delivery, sounds nothing like Karnivool have attempted before and takes the band into uncharted sonic territory.

Produced by Forrester Savell (The Butterfly Effect, Mammal, Dead Letter Circus), Sound Awake is kaleidoscopic & multi-dimensional.  It delivers the band’s trademark sound and takes the listener to new heights as it ventures into innovative exploratory territory.

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