Resurrecturis - Fracture - Video

By Elric on 2:41 PM 27 October 2009

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The Italian death outfit, Resurrecturis  recently shot a video from the song Fracture. The song comes form their latest third full album Non Voglio Morire.

Non Voglio Morire, the third album of Resurrecturis, is the first chapter of a strongly autobiographic 2 album project dealing with the two biggest parts of the author's life: art and work.

Therefore “Non Voglio Morire" is a reflection on the character of the artist.

The album title means “I don't want to die" and is a clear reference to the longing for immortality through artistic creation. But it can equally be seen as a vital scream against the slow death of 9 to 5 zombie workingmen.

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