Gus G is the new Ozzy's Guitarist

By Elric on 6:22 PM 24 August 2009

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After a long period of speculation it finally officially announced that Gus G (Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy) is Ozzy's new guitarist. Gus G already make his debut with Ozzy at Blizzcon at Saturday while Zakk Wylde is still wandering what the hell was happened.

Check out some videos below...

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Gus G is an amazing guitar player! Couldn't have happened to a better guy!

Posted on 27/8/09 18:33  

Too bad Gus wasn't around 15 years ago. Maybe Ozzy would've had better albums.
Go ahead, bust my chops but there hasn't been much decent Ozzy material outside of the Rhoads/Lee years.

Posted on 6/11/09 09:44  

I disagree. When Zakk first came on board, the result was immediate. (No rest for the Wicked Just say Ozzy EP, and No Nore Tears). Zakk was quickly recognized as a ferocious talent in his own right. Problem was, during the 90's and into the 2000's, Zakk began to believe his own hype. This, coupled with an apparent worsening drinking problem, led to him being stuck in a rut, and most of the material he wrote sounding all the same. Ozzy has for years been trying to work with other people (Steve Vai, for example) but for contractual reasons, it never took off. Joe Holmes was his replacement just afer Ozzmosis was released, but Joe quit and again, Ozzy went back to Zakk. I agree with the fact that every Ozzy album has been weak ever since No More Tears, but initially, Zakk was a guitarist that many looked up to. Sadly, I think he needs to re-invent himself and ditch this whole "Black Label" persona as it has fizzled out, and actually lost him a lot of credibility. Too bad, as he is one of my favorites. Gus G appears to be what Ozz is looking amazing player with new ideas. Let's see what happens!

Posted on 5/12/09 21:11  

I completely agree with the above comment!

Posted on 7/12/09 13:31  
danny b ( :

the fact that ozzy is working on something is plenty for me as a fan,lets not forget his music has been filled with many guitar players working for him ,brigning their own style,adding a little more or less to the dynamics,ozzy is still yet to reinvente himself ,maybe gus g is the guy for the job ,i still think that so far for me its deja vu so good luck ozzy!!

Posted on 19/12/09 08:37  

Thousands of guitar players must bow to the talent of both these guys.
Respect where respect is due!!
Bummin for Zakk.Hoping he will find his path.

Posted on 31/7/10 18:12  

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