Kreator Bonus Tracks From Hordes of Chaos Free For Download

By Elric on 11:40 AM 12 February 2009

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Due to "technological chaos," the two live clips that were planned for inclusion on the bonus DVD of Kreator's new album, "Hordes Of Chaos" (which were supposed to be found in the limited-edition digipack/European version) are now available for free download at this location. The clips for "Awakening Of The Gods" and "Coma Of Souls" were both filmed live at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany in 2006.

Kreator is putting the finishing touches on its new video for the title track of "Hordes Of Chaos". The clip was shot on November 2 in Berlin, Germany with director Jörn Heitmann (Ramsmstein), who has also worked on the band's video for the song "Enemy Of God".

"We consciously decided on Moses as our producer for the live recording of the basic tracks at the studio," band mastermind Mille Petrozza explains. "This was the first time since 'Pleasure To Kill' that we worked in this way. The new album is a 100% realistic reflection of Kreator's live qualities. Instead of exploring every little detail to sterile perfection with the help of computer technology, this time around we wanted to deliver as dynamic a production as possible. There can be no doubt that we've achieved our target in 'Hordes Of Chaos'."

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