Murderplan: Entire Album Free For Download

By Elric on 1:26 PM 27 October 2008

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Swedish death metallers Murderplan and their record label, Ascent Records, are making the band's debut album, "Let's Roll", available for free download at this location (ZIP file).

According to a press release, "both the label and the band agreed that, considering Murderplan's reflection on current world politics, it was more important to have as much people as possible to listen to the album than to shift more units around the globe."

"Let's Roll" was released in digipack format on July 1 via Ascent Records. The CD contains "Swedish death metal of the highest order" and features Fredrik Soderlund (Puissance) on vocals.

According to the band's official bio, "The lyrics of Murderplan are meant as a commentary on contemporary events both social and political. Our goal is to inform yet retain a poetic undertone to frame our analysis of world politics and obejectives. This album focus heavily on the foreign policy of western civilizations particulary inspired by neoconservatives and other proponents of economically based genocides in third-world countries. Murderplan does not subscribe to an alternative political agenda but rather remain a neutral observer with comments strictly based on modern humanism, this is not to be understood as our condoning of a static set of ethics or beliefs but rather a snapshot of the hypocrisy of our times. Naturally an album such as ours will heavily focus on American foreign policy as it is the engine of current genocides worldwide, however the blame for this is in no way placed on the people of the americas, nor is it a critisism of the democratic systems (however corrupt and wounded these may be) of the countries currently involved in aformentioned acts. It is however an outcry opposing the hijacking of western government for investment purposes. Our hearts goes out to the American people as they eventually seem to be the biggest victims of the acts of this agenda. With the currently crashing dollar and growing hatred towards the United States we are witnessing the downfall of a civilization, this is more than just a tragedy as it very well could spell the end of the entire western world. This is particulary tragic for us, since we live there. There is however still time to partially reverse the process and our lyrics also deals with this however far fetched but yet optimistic fact. To summarize in one word, our lyrics revolve around the Murderplan."

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