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By Elric on 5:53 PM 20 June 2008

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MTV2's Headbanger's Blog is hosting the premiere of Judas Priest's new video, "War". According to a posting on the site, the clip "features witches practicing magic then being burned at the stake, a tyrannical ruler exerting fascist control, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse storming through the sky, fire spreading across the earth, winged beasts reigning destruction and lots more imagery that would have make Hieronymus Bosch giddy with delight." Watch the video below. (Note: Video stream may not be available to some non-U.S. residents.)

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This clip pretty summarizes the whole album like I wrote in nwohmb, childish, stupid and meaningless.

Posted on 20/6/08 18:16  

the album rockz, but animated videoz suckz big time, any time

Posted on 21/6/08 11:38  

probably one of the worst videos ever...

Posted on 25/6/08 11:18  

Holy crap . . . that was awful. I'm so terribly disappointed right now. The music never went anywhere. The video was amateurish. Holy crap . . . that was truly awful.

Posted on 26/6/08 00:37  

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