Stratovarius Broke Up !!!

By Elric on 8:55 AM 06 April 2008

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After a long and careful consideration, Timo Tolkki has decided to end Stratovarius. There are several reasons behind this decision that can be read on a official statement posted on Timo Tolkki 's Official Website:

Timo has formed a new band called Revolution Renaissance, and in the silence he has been devoting all his time and efforts preparing the first release of his new band. The debut album is entitled "New Era" and will be released on June 6th 2008 on Frontiers Records. The album is a masterpiece of melodic Power Metal, taking the listener straight back to the Visions-era Stratovarius. In fact, "New Era" is the album that was meant to be the next Stratovarius album.

Instead, Timo called a few friends for the recording sessions and the album features all the lead vocals from such legends as Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet, along with Timo’s blistering lead guitar lines and melodic Power Metal anthems that made him one of the pioneers of the style and trademark performers of the style. Revolution Renaissance witnesses a rebirth, a new era for Timo Tolkki and his music.

Tolkki is looking for a permanent line-up for the band, so if you are interested, check out the details on for details on how to apply.

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