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By Elric on 10:06 PM 16 April 2008

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Yesterday Lemmy posted some answers to question asked by fans at Motorhead MySpace.

1)When will you guys be putting out a new cd, i luv all the music its all gr8, keep up the good work.

ANSWER: We're in the studio right now, crafting it won't be long now ok?

2) What would you like to do in the future and what kind of artists are still on your list?

ANSWER: Strangely worded question! "What would I like to do in the future?" (1) Breath, and (2) Pamela Anderson! "What kind of artists are still on my list?" What list? Well, not Picasso, but definitely Pamela Anderson and Halle Berry

3) Are there any 'head tunes that are among your favorites that you don't play because you don't think they'd come across well live?

ANSWER: Very good question. Ready (deep breath) Snakebite love/Bad Woman/Devils/March or Die/Make my day/In the Black/One more fucking time/and on and on and on!! Soul just don't make it live, it's weird!

4) Lemmy, if you had to quit fucking or making music, which would you choose?

ANSWER: Well the first is the reason I got into the second! So I maintain that I don't have to choose!

5)Lemmy, What is your current Bass of choice? Are you now predominantly playing Rick 4003's?

ANSWER: I am using the LK4007 Carved signature bass I designed that Rickenbacker did. These (2) and an old 4003 that Phil gave me, and the Minarik inferno bass that, so far only I have HAH! Take a look at Minarik Guitars website, you'll be surprised.

6)Hey we play a cover of the song Motorhead, love it! Our question : What do you think about bands playing heavy music with things in their ears to protect 'em !!!? :) Actually we don t...You Rock !!!

ANSWER: I used to wear and Earring for awhile, and that's it. Some people's ears are more sensitive, you know, it's an individual thing. But the human body adapts- for awhile! Yes I do. (Rock I mean)!

7) Any plans for another punk rock cover ? Ramones, Plasmatics, Dead Boys, ANWL, Sex Pistols ???? -Thanks for you time

ANSWER: Dunno really, we've done country, punk, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Velvet Underground, Tammy Wynette, Plasmatics, Girlschool, Yard Birds, ZZ Top, Metallica, Twisted Sister, Queen, Chuck Berry, What more do you want? I'll think of something!

8) Sup lemmy, what kind of muisic did/do you jam to back in the day and now a days,(what influenced you as a musician)?????

ANSWER: Back in the day(s) – Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochoran on the Beatles, The Stones, Yardbirds, Hendrix, The Move, Jimmy Reed, The Coasters, James Brown Jesus is that enough?

9) What in your opinion is the best cure for a hangover ?

ANSWER: Hair of the Dog (Another one of the ones that gave it to you!)

10) Why do you downtune your guitars, and who came up with the idea?

ANSWER: Cos you get more bend for your buck! And don't forget, Light Gauge strings are the same as downtuning. The first I heard it was Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers – Banjo 5th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and throw the 6th away!

11) When Lemmy lived in his flat in Notting Hill, did someone staying with him accidentally set it on fire and the whole place was burnt out, heard this before but is it true?

ANSWER: The fire was the result of the endevors of any flat mate setting fire to the place to try and cover up the murder. I was on tour at the time.

12) Lemmy, there's a Chuck Berry song I would like you to consider covering called "Down Bound Train". It's dark and spooky, and I think Motorhead would do a great job of it!

ANSWER: Never heard that one!

13) What's the best drinks combo you'd recommend, and what's the best way to drink it?

ANSWER: Jack and Coke with your mouth.

14) Hey Lemmy which song gives you the biggest buzz to sing live?

ANSWER: It changes – at the moment it's "Going to Brazil"

15) Hi Lemmy! Still got Manfred's bathing towels? Those with the embroidered "M"? Wacken-Manfred will be glad to get them back.

ANSWER: I haven't got em. Must have been the crew!

16) Any chance I can ever find out where to get a hold of one of Lemmy's bass guitars? The badass wooden carved ones?

ANSWER: Ed Roman in Vegas had a couple the last I heard.

17) How are you Lemmy ? your health ?

ANSWER: Good. So far so good!

18) Hows the new album coming?

ANSWER: We just finalized the riffs now we arrange etc.

19) Why is it your attitude is so good when so many other bands have such bad attitudes towards fans.

ANSWER: I don't know how people can be assholes to the people who support them! Although, we aint as popular as a lot of people!

20) Hi Lemmy, what did you think of Ian Stuart?

ANSWER: I thought Ian Stuart should have grown his hair long and there would have been six rolling stones!

21) Hi Lemmy.Somewhere in your book "White Line Fever" you wrote that the song "We are the roadcrew" was written in under 10 minutes. Do songs or lyrics still come to you that fast every now and then or is it more of a problem now that you guys have built up such an extensive collection of songs already?

ANSWER: No, They still flash in sometimes:-"Aint no nice guy"-1hour. "going to brazil"-15 minutes-"one more fucking time"-a lot 30 minutes. Lucky eh?

22) Were you nervous of Motorhead never getting anywhere when you first started the band?

ANSWER: No, I knew we'd be ok, just not as old!

23) Ok what's your opinion about the rock industry of today?

ANSWER: It sucks same as in the old days! Don't even get me started!

24) Where do baby's come from?

ANSWER: Babies come from when a man stands on top of a tall building and jumps off, and a woman catches him before he hits the ground. In her teeth.

25) I hear that Joe Petagno will no longer be doing art for the band.Given that his albums covers etc are an integral part of the band, do you have any designs left to use,or do you see see yourselves going in a different direction?

ANSWER: Nothings Forever

26) What is your opinion about the second world war?

ANSWER: It was a badly planned, ill-supplied unthought-out, blundering fucking mess, same as all the lesser wars!

27) Do u like a red wine!!!????

ANSWER: I prefer Rose or blush if you're American-Mateus Rose is one of the better ones.

28) If you could choose any musicians, including those who already passed away, to form a sort of an "All-Star Dream Band" with, (besides Motorhead), who would you choose?

ANSWER: So many, depending what you want to play. Something like-Jeff Beck/Hendrix/Pete Townsend/Billy Gibbons/Phil Campbell on Guitar. Keith Moon/Philthy/Mikkey Dee/Terry Williams/Dave Grohl on drums and Little Richard's horn section with Pete Solley ..boards. Depending on what you want to play, but there are thousands more!

29) Ok lemmy what kind of bass is your fave and what brand do you play the most?

ANSWER: I always like Rickenbacker, but now there's Minarik as well and I want a Gibson Thunderbird with a shorter neck!

30) Did you always want to be a musician if not what age do you decide you wanted to be a musician?

ANSWER: I fell for the music art at about 13-I saw all those girls-I had a 13 year old brain, now I have a 15 year old brain!

31) Can u please tell me whether it's easy being a lead vocalist of the band?

ANSWER: Nothing's easy. No free lunch!

32) What I really want to know is what really inspires your music and lyrics, what keeps you writing such great songs?

ANSWER: Constant injustice worldwide, constant unsuccessful love affairs, being angry at authority generally, any questions?

33) What's your fav food you and drink?

ANSWER: French Fries, Lima Beans, Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken! Jack and Coke, Mateus Rose Wine.

34) Can you tell me what knowing Phil Lynott was like and can you give us any anecdotes about the Rocker?

ANSWER: No real anecdotes-me and Phil just had a laugh hanging out occasionally-didn't see each other a whole lot, but he was the real star-a real one!

35) Did you find it, overall, more enjoyable to be part of the rock music culture back in the 1970s and 1980s, when music wasn't as micro-categorized as it is today?

ANSWER: Yes-Infinitely! We got to 1 in the chart- not in our category!

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