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By Elric on 12:00 AM 08 April 2008

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Atreyu has just released their new music video for their single "Falling Down" and the video is premiering exclusively on

The new "Falling Down" video is a tribute to the infamous Francis Ford Coppola film, "The Outsiders." The classic footage features Atreyu transforming into the perennial underdog "Greasers Gang" and their strife against archenemies "The Socs."

John Feldmann, famed producer who has helmed albums by The Used, Story of the Year, and Atreyu's latest, makes a cameo as the leader of "The Socs."

"Falling Down" is the third single taken from Atreyu's fourth album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor. The stellar album is set for re-release on April 22nd. Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0, with new content and three new studio songs, is a must-have for any Atreyu fan!

Direct link to the video here.

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Nice video, lousy song.

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