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By Elric on 9:43 AM 24 March 2008

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Septicflesh, the best greek metal and one of my personal favorites are finally back. A brand new track from the reunited Greek demons Septicflesh (now written as one word), entitled "Anubis", has been posted on the band's MySpace page. The song comes off the group's new album, "Communion", which was released in Europe on March 17 (March 25 in the U.S.) via Season of Mist. This is the second song that is posted online after "Lovecraft's Death".

According to a press release, "Communion" "contains nine gates to unearthly dreams and nightmares. The 'rituals' of 'Communion' took place in the famous Studio Fredman in Sweden. The massive heavy guitar sound of the album is supported by a haunting triumphant orchestration that surpasses every past attempt of the band on that field. The classical arrangements are composed and directed by Chris Antoniou (guitar) and performed by the 80-piece full orchestra and 32-piece choir of philharmonic orchestra of Prague. As a result the music besides being brutal is also very 'visual,' like the soundtrack of an occult movie projected straight to your mind. Concerning the vocals, Seth is growling as a hellish beast in contrast with the melodic, yet intense and emotive vocals of Sotiris V. This album is definitely the more dark, brutal and at the same time avant-garde release of the band to date, crossing the borders of death and black metal. Yes, this album is not recommended to people resonating with holy ideals and bright emotions."

01. Lovecraft's Death
02. Anubis
03. Communion
04. Babel's Gate
05. We the Gods
06. Sunlight Moonlight
07. Persepolis
08. Sangreal
09. Narcissus

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