Tribe 11 - Six Degrees of Desperation (2006)

By Elric on 3:47 PM 14 January 2008

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I was waiting for two months till I got my hands on this cd thanks to the crappy Greek mail companies but in the end this was the best Christmas gift I got this year. Tribe 11 is from Toronto and exploded in the scene in 2006 with their debut album “Six Degrees of Desperation”. Their music is mixture of indie and modern rock and indie.

Although the band says that are influenced from bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age and Jane’s Addiction the succeeded in producing a unique album that sifts from the rest of the scene.

Musically the album is exceptional. Most bands need a lifetime to write songs like Jonah’s Butterfly, Flying Spiders, Breakwater and Bulldozer but Tribe 11 simply did it with their debut Six Degrees of Desperation. The strong part of the group is, probably, the voice and lyrics of Steven Webster but the rest of the band do an amazing job too. Although the songs sound simple at first, each time you discover the little tricks that are hidden in the background of every song. The effects of the keys are the salt while the rhythm parts and the guitars are the pepper.

Even if the there are some week songs like Sunny Boy you can’t say that this album has any fillers. The Verge of My Barely Letting Go, Serpentine and Epitaph.. are not heavy at all but still their atmosphere is great while Hillbilly@thehelm and No Answer will make your head spin.

The album produced by Everett Ravestain and he is also responsible for some effects. The sound is pretty crystal clear although some effects are lost in the background.

I think Six Degrees Of Desperation is one of the best work I listened to this year. To the advantages add the origami lyrics !!!!

Rating: 93/100

The Band:

Vocals: Steven Webster
Bass: Tom Lewis
Drums: Gary Craig
Guitars: Mike Hall
Keyboards: Gary Breit


1. Jonah’s Butterfly
2. Flying Spiders
3. Breakwater
4. Bulldozer
5. The Verge Of My Barely Letting Go
6. Sunny Boy
7. Serpentine
8. Hillbilly@thehelm
9. Epitaph for Johnny Unknown
10. No Answer

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