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By Elric on 12:33 PM 04 January 2008

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Dark Fortress strikes back with its new full-length album "Eidolon" which marks the band’s second effort on Century Media Records.

"Eidolon" is the band’s first effort with new vocalist Morean who is also responsible for the intricate lyrical concept. In its nine chapters the album describes the initiation, dehumanization and unearthly rebirth of a transcending soul by mirror magic and astral projection. An "Eidolon" is a Greek concept of an astral double of a living being or a "mirror". The concept describes a magic mirror ritual as while a person is in a trance, the surface of the mirror is used as a gate to enter a new dimension. Three songs each form the album’s three chapters:

Dark Fortress "Eidolon" track-listing (50:17):

The first three songs describe the calling of beings from the other dimension, seen from three different angles:

1. The Silver Gate (6:50)
2. Cohorror (5:37)
3. Baphomet (6:24)

The second part is the initiation, when the astral soul is dehumanized and torn away from his earthly ties.

4. The Unflesh (5:08)
5. Analepsy (6:01)
6. Edge of Night (3:57)

The third part is the rebirth "on the other side of the mirror".

7. No Longer Human (5:36)
8. Catacrusis (4:34)
9. Antiversum (7:22)

Release Dates:

UK / FRANCE / GREECE / DENMARK / NORWAY / REST OF EUROPE: Monday, February 25, 2008.
SPAIN / PORTUGAL: Tuesday, February 26, 2008.
FINLAND / SWEDEN / HUNGARY: Wednesday, February 29, 2008.

Tom Gabriel Fischer from Celtic Frost will appear as a guest performing vocals on the track "Baphomet".

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