Matt, Ripper and Pyramaze Statements About Barlow Rejoining Iced Earth

By Elric on 8:33 AM 24 December 2007

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There's a lot of speculation about Matt Barlow's return to Iced Earth, but let's sum it up. Matt left Iced Earth to join the cops (sic!) and discover his self. Jon Schaffer hired Ripper because he wanted a big name to increase the sales of the band, although Ripper's voice and skill doesn't match the band's style. Matt wanted to return to music industry but he couldn't go back to Iced Earth becuase they were at the middle of a recording, so he joined Pyramaze. After the recording of the album Jon kicked out Ripper (and the bassist from Ripper's other band!!) and hired Matt again. Pyramaze thought that they found a permanet lead singer but Matt waved his hand and left them, although he feels the obligation to do one studio album with them.

You can read everyone's statements below.

Singer Tim "Ripper" Owens has released a statement regarding his surprising departure from Iced Earth three months after the release of the group's latest album, "Framing Armageddon - Something Wicked Part I".

Owens says:
"First off I would like to wish Jon Schaffer and the guys in Iced Earth much success.
Yes, this all was just horrible timing, and I don't think it was handled in the best way, coming two weeks before Christmas! But it is the best for me and Iced Earth.

I really need to move on and do other things. I really want to get Beyond Fear out there and I'm working on some other projects as well.
Things happen for a reason, and yes, the winds of change are upon us and that is what I needed!
The one thing I ask is to just leave it all alone.
I would like from this moment on to leave Iced Earth in the past and move forward, so I will no longer discuss IE!
Like I said, I wish Jon and his family and the guys in IE the best of luck and a merry Christmas... Now let's move on and talk about the future!
Thank you and keep it heavy."

Guitarist Michael Kammeyer of the Danish metallers Pyramaze has issued the following statement regarding the recent announcement that the group's lead vocalist Matt Barlow was returning to front his previous band Iced Earth as the replacement for Tim "Ripper" Owens:

"As most of you know by now, Matt has joined forces with his old band Iced Earth again. Like any other metal music lover, we in Pyramaze are excited about the prospect of Jon and Matt working together again. But this reunion has created some speculations in the metal community towards Matt's future in Pyramaze, and I can put all the Pyra-fans at ease, and tell you that Matt is still a full member of Pyramaze, and the only change is that now you'll get Matt in a double dose.

"I'm happy to tell you that last week Matt's wife gave birth to a healthy little boy. Because of this happy event sleep has become an 'elusive guest' for Matt and his wife, but as soon as the Barlow family regains some 'normality' and sleep is back on the menu, Matt will prepare a statement for you.

"The recording of our new album has not been delayed, and dates for our vocal recording and final mix/master session are still the same.

"That's it for now, and the next time we've got news, it will be Matt's statement."

Matt Barlow has issued the following update commenting his return to Iced Earth:

"Brothers and Sisters!

I'm sure that you are all well aware of things that are happening within Iced Earth, and a statement from me is well overdue. To that, I can only say that I am sorry for the delay, but there is good reason. Last week, following Jon's announcement, my wife gave birth to our second son. Everything is well, but of course, those of you who are parents know how taxing the first week can be. During that time, after all things had begun to settle, I realized that there are a lot of things on my plate. At this point, I needed to address them. As you know, family always comes first. Of course, Jon knows that and understands my decision to leave Iced Earth four years ago. My wife and I wanting a family was a huge factor. Family, is also the reason for my return. There is a kinship that goes beyond the obvious. I will speak of that later.

First, I feel that I need to acknowledge my friend Michael of Pyramaze. If not for his inquiry and persistance in asking me to be a member of that band, I may not have realized how much I have missed and been missed within the metal community. In recent days, however, I have come to realize that my participation in Pyramaze cannot go beyond the recording of the bands current work. This is due in part, to the fact that I can't be all places at all times. Michael and I have discussed this, and have come to an understanding. I know that the future success of Pyramaze will not be based solely on individual performances of band members, but in the song writing and total performance of the band, which is excellent. I know that I will give everything I have to the record and will support Pyramaze on a lot of other levels.

Let me proceed on the topic of kinship. For a great portion of our lives, Jon and I dedicated our selves to creating music that pleased, angered, saddened, and inspired. Though it can be argued that my contribution was limited, I always felt very proud of what we accomplished with every song. Whether a song was about a true love, a best friend, a ghost, a devil, or a savior; The songs that Jon wrote gave me the desire to engage each one on a very personal level. When Jon and I began to discuss the future of Iced Earth and his feeling on it's success or failure, he conveyed to me the desire to rediscover the passion of the songs that made Iced Earth so very special to so many people. In my journey of the last several years, I've had time to acknowledge that there are great stories yet to be told. Moreover, I have recognized my desire to be a part of those stories. As mentioned above, there are obvious time constraints where it relates to family, career, and music. One of those issues has already been addressed.

As for my career in law enforcement, it will continue as normal. Without going into specific detail, Jon and I will work on recording on my time between shifts. As Jon stated before, live performances will be more limited but grander in fashion. We will do our very best to get to the metal masses as often as possible. Jon understands that this schedule will be tougher to work with, but feels that it will be the best for the fans in the long run. There will be critics, no doubt. It has recently come to my attention that some people don't like the police ;-) Let's see if opinion can change on that issue!

As for the music, I will bring to Iced Earth the best performance possible. That has always been my desire, and I'm really excited to work with Jon and the guys again, to give you the best metal possible. If you think you're ready... let's do this!

Matt Barlow "

Also you can read Jon Schaffer's statement here.

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This shit has been posted TOTALLY out of context. The various statements are not from the same time period, and i think the ass who put this news blog together just wanted to slap Pyramaze or something. Read the true context of the statements at

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