March Metal Day Line-Up

By Elric on 7:17 AM 18 December 2007

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March Metal Day Festival 2008 line up announced. Read the press release below:

"MMD returns in 2008 - more dynamic and alternative than ever before with more energy, more games, more activities all set to 12 ear-pounding hours of non-stop music.

With headliners Nightwish already announced, MMD festival is set to be an event not to be missed in 2008. The same stage will also host Tristania and the Greek band Hannibal (known for their appearance at the Scorpions Fest in 2007) joined on stage by Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween).

On stage two we're featuring US-based favorite Nevermore, alongside legendary hell-raisers Sodom from Germany.

One surprise feature at the MMD Festival will be a rerun of the legendary Iron Maiden-Metallica feud, which will be settled once and for all in a head-to-head battle between The Iron Maidens, the famous all-American, all-female Iron Maiden cover band - and Orion, the official Metallica tribute band from Italy. And for the first time in Greece we'll have 12 hours of non-stop metal music on both festival stages.

And this year we're coming back at you with more activities including video, strategy and action games with prizes to be won.

The venue for MMD '08 remains the same - the Olympic Fencing Arena - outfitted with special acoustics offering the best mind-shattering sound, and massive space for our activities, including ample parking space. The arena is also easily found via public transport.

MMD wants to thank the thousands that participated in our online poll for the bands that you want to see perform at MMD 08. This is just what we need to bring you exactly what you want to see and hear and we want to hear what you have to say. Make your voice heard at our new site where you'll get frequent updates on everything to do with the festival and other events we've got planned.

MMD '08 is more than just a name change, and we're here to stay. We're proving that it's the most innovative ground breaking festival around and will only get better as time goes on.

More details can be found at our site: , where you can pre-register for activities and get the digs on where you can buy tickets right now at special pre-sale prices.

And there's more. Coming at you in '08 we've announced one of our faves - Epica - on December 14th in Athens and December 16th in Thessaloniki with another date planned sometime in late January or early February. So watch out, and visit us often cause there's more in store after the festival that'll leave your ears ringing 'till we do it all over again."

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