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By Elric on 8:25 AM 03 October 2007

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Tarja Turunen's video for the song "I Walk Alone", can be viewed below. The clip was shot in Berlin, Germany with director Jorn Heitmann, who previously worked with Nightiwsh on the "Sleeping Sun" clip in 2005. The "I Walk Alone" single will be released on October 29 (October 26 in Germany) via Universal Music.

An audio interview with Tarja Turunen has been posted on Metalhead.ro. Tarja reveals that Nightwish is still an important part of her life and something she feels difficult to leave behind. She also talks about the things that inspire her, the concept of her new solo album, and how she feels about Nightwish and other symphonic metal bands.

"I was with Nightwish for such a long time that I still feel the band as a part of myself," she says. "I was one of the most important elements in Nightwish for nine years, and the band was an essential part of myself too."

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