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By Elric on 7:53 AM 05 October 2007

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Kylahullut, the Finnish punk project featuring Children Of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho on guitar/vocals, will release its new album, "Peraaukko Sivistyksessa" (Finnish for "Asshole in Civilization") in November through Finland's Kraklund Records. The track listing is as follows (English title translations are included in brackets):

01. Tillintallin tasapaa! (Brainless)
02. Kourallinen turhia (Big Brother) (Fistfull of pointless (Big Brother) )
03. Kieli hanurissa (Tongue in ass)
04. Heta Hyttisen taskuparkki (Pocketpark of Heta Hyttinen)
05. Lavistetyn laulu (Song of perforated)
06. Ma heitan sut pihalle! (I throw you to yard!)
07. Kameratutkat, suoriksi mutkat (Cameraradars, curves straight)
08. Hiltonin Pariisi (Hilton's Paris)
09. Torakat (Cockroachs)
10. Pillu (Cunt)
11. Kylla saa Vanhastakin panettaa (Surely Vanhanen can wanna have sex)
12. AOR (AOR)

Kylahullut is:

Alexi Laiho - Guitar, Vocals
Vesku Jokinen - Vocals
Tonmi Lillman - Drums, Bass

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