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By Elric on 12:26 PM 14 September 2007

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Vader has issued the following update:

"At the moment Vader is hard at work on band's new releases and upcoming tours. Peter (guitars, vocals) talks about upcoming Blitzkrieg 4 Tour and shares some details on band's new DVD, track, videoclip and anniversary album:

"Good to see You all again !!!! Vader needs a vacation as well...That's the reason , why there was no news for a couple of weeks on our site.Here is some new informations collected in last month....If You already noticed , there is new DVD gonna be released soon. The show was recorded in the club "Stodola" in Warsaw. That's why the title came from ("...and Blood Was Shed in Warsaw"). The main part of the DVD are the songs from our last releases , BUT...there are some rarities on this material like "Sword of the Witcher"! What the Hell is that? There's CD-Projekt RED who work on PC games and who asked us to compose a song , which is gonna be kinda "trailer-song" for Their upcoming game. The title of the game is "The Witcher" and this is pretty fresh RPG in the fantastic , filled with brutality and Magic world of the Witcher (from the Sapkowski novels). More then awsome graphics are made by world famous Mr.Baginski ( 1st prize ..... for "Cathedral") and give the game revolutionary character indeed! We said "yes!" and recorded the song in May in Hertz Studio. "The Sword of the Witcher" is absolutely differnet piece of Music compared to previous Vader works but still Metal full of Fire , beasts , warriors and... Blood!!! We were but affraid, that because of many instruments recorded there will be a problem to play this song alive. However-thanx to new technology we are able to do it and we plan to add this Witcher-song to the set list on the upcoming Blitzkrieg IV-2. At 10 July in Bolkov Castle we have realised a video clip to "Sword of the Witcher" with cooperation with Intermedia. There are the same guys , who were working on "Hellelujah !!!!" video clip recently...This new picture will be available on DVD as well.We didn't have too much time to work with this clip ,'s always nice to see something so differnt then "This is the War" or just mentioned "Hellelujah !!! ".Fire , Steel and Magic !!!!!!!! What else? In few days we finalize recordings of the aniversary album entitled "XXV". This one will include 25 Vader hits from early days re-recorded again. There will be some rarities on the limited special edition as well....

We're also practicing with new set for the Blitz' IV/2...You know the bands already so I can give You some information, that there'll be different set in the cities, we were played in last year and the new places on tour. We start with some shows in Russia in mid of September. And that's it for now! More news soon....... Metal United !!!!!!!!"

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