Primal Fear About Illegal Downloading

By Elric on 7:01 PM 06 September 2007

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Primal Fear have issued the following statement:

"A newly released study by the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) from Texas estimates that global music piracy is costing the US economic output 12,5 Billion dollars and 71,060 jobs every year! It came as a shock to us to realize what extreme level illegal downloading has reached for Primal Fear and the Metal scene. We've put months of hard work into our forthcoming CD "New Religion" which has cost a huge investment on our part to deliver the fans the best possible product we can. Now we've found out that according to objective statistics, 4 weeks before the official release our new CD it has already been downloaded illegally in numbers reaching into 5 digits!

Those numbers are very disappointing! Still we're very proud of our new album and look forward with all of you to the 21st. of Sept. 2007!

Primal Fear"

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