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By Elric on 8:38 AM 21 September 2007

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Here is a "preview" of the artwork for the new Monster Magnet album, "4 Way Diablo". As previously reported the album will be released on November 2, 2007 via SPV Records and was produced by Matt Hyde.

"4 Way Diablo" track listing:

01. 4 Way Diablo
02. Wall of Fire
03. You're Alive
04. Blow Your Mind
05. Cyclone
06. 2000 Light Years from Home (The Rolling Stones cover)
07. No Vacation
08. I'm Calling You
09. Solid Gold
10. Freeze and Pixillate
11. A Thousand Stars
12. Slap in the Face
13. Little Bag of Gloom
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Hi there!
Cool design.

Posted on 21/9/07 08:42  

This one is simply amazing ...But you must at least avail the 800x600 size image rather than that tiny depiction...I want to look at it closely....

Posted on 24/9/07 11:58  

Ok, i'll find a bigger one and i'll post again

Posted on 24/9/07 17:46  

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