Deathwish Demo Available For Download

By Elric on 7:28 AM 27 September 2007

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The 1986 debut three-song demo cassette by UK thrash quartet Deathwish has been made available for download at the Bang! Bang! metal demo blog.

According to the blog post, "Deathwish weren't like UK counterparts Xentrix, who wished to be American. Already the title track, 'Sword of Justice', sounds like a speed metal overhaul of an NWOBHM throwback. These guys come from the little-known back alley tradition of thick leather ragers like Satan or Touched. The quality dirty guitars are the best part, especially during the second song, 'Exorcist', a rollicking dirge with rampant low-end dive bombs. It actually sounds suspiciously like the blueprint for 'Graveyard Slut' from Darkthrone's last album."

Bang! Bang!, the weblog of Ian Christe (author of "Sound of the Beast" and "Everybody Wants Some: The Van Halen Saga", and host on Sirius Satellite Radio's Hard Attack), is dedicated to "celebrating the tradition of freely-traded heavy metal demo cassettes and preserving the pioneer spirit of the underground, one magnetic particle at a time."

You can download the demo here.

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