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By Elric on 11:10 PM 18 August 2007

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Andre Matos (ex- Angra/Shaaman) will release his debut solo album, "Time to be Free", in Japan on August 22 via Avalon/Marquee Inc.

The recordings of the album had taken place between November 2006 and February 2007 at Ultra Sonica and Brainless Brothers Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil and at Gate Studio in Wolfsburg, Germany. Production and recordings were in charge of prestiged Roy Z. Sascha Paeth was reponsible for the final recordings and mix.

The full tracklisting will be:

01. Menuett
02. Letting Go
03. Rio
04. Remember Why
05. How Long (Unleashed Way)
06. Looking Back
07. Face The End
08. Time To Be Free
09. Rescue
10. A New Moonlight
11. Endeavour
12. Separate Ways (World Apart) (Japanese bonus track)

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