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By Elric on 2:13 PM 08 July 2007

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Smashing Pumpkins' entire four-song set from yesterday's Live Earth concert in New York has been posted at YouTube. The group's setlist was as follows:

01. United States
02. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
03. Tarantula
04. Today reports: "Frontman Billy Corgan, looking one part mental patient and one part prison inmate, unleashed 'United States' from the band's new 'Zeitgeist' album on the crowd, meshing in 'The Star Spangled Banner' during his guitar solo. 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' followed, played at punk-rock speeds with fellow original Pumpkin Jimmy Chamberlain furiously smashing away behind his 'kit. In what may have been a comment on the Live Earth proceedings, Corgan changed the lyrics, singing 'Can you fake it for just one rock show?'

"As the band shifted into the next song, Corgan cheekily introduced it as 'Tar-an-too-lah,' otherwise known as their current single, 'Tarantula'. He reminded the global audience that the band's new album is released on Tuesday, joking, 'We know you're all gonna buy it, not illegally download it like you did all our other albums.'"

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Any idea why "United States" has been removed from You Tube? Was that per request of The Smashing Pumpkins and their record company or from somewhere else?

Posted on 31/7/07 18:28  

All videos are not available any more. Don't know why...

Posted on 3/8/07 15:34  

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